Reconstructive dentistry refers to services and procedures designed to repair areas of the mouth that might be damaged such as broken teeth, damaged gums, incorrectly aligned jaws and so on. Replacing missing teeth and any other type of reconstructive work is also included in what reconstructive dentistry is.  Usually, reconstructive dentistry is only required after some damage has been done to the mouth, but it might also be required if the jaws of an individual just grow in an unusual way or if the gums of the individual are not properly taken care of. The two main areas of reconstructive dentistry are oral surgery and full mouth rehabilitation.



The goal of full mouth rehabilitation is to improve the general health of the entire mouth. It is an incredibly individualized treatment specific to the individual, and in some cases it is necessary to replace or restore some teeth in the mouth of the patient.

Full mouth rehabilitation might include a few reconstructive dentistry services put together such as dental implants, porcelain veneers, fillings, dental bridges and so on. It might take some time to complete full mouth rehabilitation but patients usually love the results as their smile is beautiful and healthy at the end of the service.

Usual candidates for full mouth rehabilitation are healthy in general but have a few problems in their mouth such as a few missing teeth, several cavities and other type of damage. Full mouth rehabilitation usually requires extensive work through numerous appointments in order to guarantee the best possible results at the end of the service.

Patients who choose to go with full mouth rehabilitation are usually not just looking for a general health improvement, but also for an improvement in their quality of life. Since they have severe damage in their smile it usually doesn’t look very good and as such they lose some of the confidence they have when they smile.

Full mouth rehabilitation is a proper solution as it is going to give the patient the confidence to smile once again. At the end of the service the smile of the patient is going to be incredibly beautiful and healthy, since a different number of procedures are going to take place.

If you believe you are an ideal candidate for full mouth rehabilitation you should first talk to your dentist about any possible options as there might be cheaper and easier alternatives to consider before choosing to go with such a set of services.

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